The Montería is a uniquely traditional Spanish type of shoot, the origins of which go back hundreds of years.

After a sustaining hunting breakfast, lots are drawn for the 25 to 40 pegs, positioned in strategic lines some 200 metres apart on the selected shooting ground, named ” mancha” of around 200 to 500 hectares.

The ”rehalas” of around 20 dogs each, with their handlers drive the stags and wild boars through the bushes towards the guns. The shoot lasts 3 or 4 hours after which, the keepers search and collect the shot animals to be displayed for the guns. A traditional meal is served in the hunting pavilion that can fit up to 80 people.

Every year several medals are shot on the estate.

Our hunting alternatives are:

Traditional Monteria for groups of 20 to 30 hunters.

Open areas of up to 500 hectares assure successful results in scenic and both success and most traditional surrounding.

Fenced hunting areas of different sizes for smaller groups.

Smaller fenced areas with a higher density of game ensures numerous shot opportunities for every participant.

Wild boar at night.

There are over 30 tower sited at strategic points which offer a wonderful night hunting experience.


Red deer, mouflon, wild boar or roe deer can be stalked in their natural habitats with the advice of experienced game keepers.

The main house welcomes small groups for a comfortable stay in a relax and distinguish atmosphere.

Monteria at El Garganton